Wealth Fulfillment Path Quiz

Answer the following questions to get insights into your current position on the path to holistic wealth fulfillment. Choose the option that best describes your current situation.

Financial Health:

How would you describe your current financial situation?

  • a) Struggling to meet basic needs.
  • b) Comfortable but living paycheck to paycheck.
  • c) Financially stable with some savings.
  • d) Financially prosperous with significant investments and assets.

Physical Health:

How often do you engage in physical exercise or activities?

  • a) Rarely or never.
  • b) Occasionally.
  • c) Regularly, a few times a week.
  • d) Daily, as part of my routine.

Mental Well-being:

How often do you feel stressed or overwhelmed by your personal or professional life?

  • a) Almost always.
  • b) Frequently.
  • c) Sometimes.
  • d) Rarely or never.

Spiritual Health:

How connected do you feel to your spiritual beliefs or practices?

  • a) Not connected.
  • b) Slightly connected.
  • c) Moderately connected.
  • d) Deeply connected.

Purpose and Fulfillment:

Do you feel that you have discovered and are living your purpose?

  • a) Not at all.
  • b) Somewhat, but it’s not clear.
  • c) Yes, but I struggle to live it out fully.
  • d) Absolutely, I live my purpose every day.

Legacy Planning:

Have you taken steps to plan for your financial legacy (e.g., will, trust, estate planning)?

  • a) No, I haven’t thought about it.
  • b) I’ve thought about it but haven’t taken any steps.
  • c) I’ve started planning but haven’t finalized anything.
  • d) Yes, I have a comprehensive legacy plan in place.

Wealth Management:

How confident are you in managing your finances and investments?

  • a) Not confident.
  • b) Somewhat confident.
  • c) Confident, but always learning.
  • d) Very confident and well-informed.

Community and Giving:

How often do you engage in community service or charitable giving?

  • a) Rarely or never.
  • b) Occasionally.
  • c) Regularly.
  • d) It’s a significant part of my life.
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