The Divine Inception of The Kingdom X-Change

The Divine Journey from "Citadel" to
"The Kingdom X-Change"

The Kingdom X-Change’s story is deeply rooted in the divine calling received by our founder, Donise Warren. This journey began with Citadel Community Development Corporation, inspired by a God-given vision that every individual deserves a chance to embrace a transformative choice, regardless of their past.
With a mission divinely appointed, Donise Warren set out to provide a lifeline to those whom society often overlooked – individuals re-entering from institutions, mental hospitals, and jails. This vision was more than a program; it was a crusade to offer redemption and renewal through comprehensive support.
A Conglomerate Birthed from Compassion and Divine Purpose

Under Donise’s unwavering faith and leadership, Citadel transcended its initial mission, evolving into an expansive conglomerate dedicated to holistic development:

  •  A Licensed Behavioral Health and Wellness Center emerged, not just addressing mental health but nurturing spiritual well-being.
  • A Licensed Foster Care Agency and Transitional Homes provided not just shelter, but environments imbued with spiritual hope and guidance.
  • Educational and Employment Programs were established, focusing not only on skill development but also on understanding one’s divine purpose and Kingdom citizenship.
And that’s the part that makes me the most proud; the lives that are impacted. I know this work is so much deeper than me being “seen” and in my heart, I’ve always known that I’m simply here to be a servant. I believe the life and prosperity you desire are your birthright. I just want to be the sister friend that teaches you how to build it with peace and purpose as your foundation.

Here’s my professional truth …

The Birth of The Kingdom X-Change: A Divine Vision for Spiritual Health
From Citadel’s profound impact grew The Kingdom X-Change, a God-inspired platform envisioned to guide individuals in realizing their spiritual identity as Kingdom Citizens. This platform represents a new chapter, one where spiritual health and understanding one’s divine purpose are paramount.
Here at The Kingdom X-Change, we are committed to aiding individuals in uncovering who they are in the eyes of God and what they were created to achieve. Our approach is holistic – nurturing the mind, body, and soul under the light of Kingdom Principles.
Empowering Kingdom Citizens: Our Legacy, Your Journey

Today, The Kingdom X-Change stands as a sanctuary for spiritual growth and personal transformation. It is a place where individuals are not only supported in their natural needs but are also guided in their spiritual journey to recognize their divine calling and potential.

Join Us at The Kingdom X-Change
We invite you to embark on this divinely inspired journey with us. At The Kingdom X-Change, change is not just a possibility; it is a God-promised reality. Here, you will not only discover your purpose but will be equipped to live it out, fully embracing your identity as a Kingdom Citizen.
In my next life, I want to come back as an interior designer.
Scrap that. In my head I already think I’m an interior designer, but in that zone I become an artist who’s sensitive about her shhhh. You won’t catch me designing for others yet, but if you hang around here long enough you’ll definitely see a LOT of my own home. And if you’re nice, I’ll share some of my upcoming projects with you here and teach you my “process.” Because, duh. I’m already a designer you’d want to follow in my head. 🙂
I’ve seen the movies Ghost, The Titanic and The Notebook probably 50x each and I still cry like a baby every freakin’ time.
I always disagree when astrology buffs tell me that I’m super sensitive because I’m a Pisces. No, seriously I’ve had full blown debates about how NOT sensitive I am. And then I find myself on a random weeknight weeping during one of these oldies and saying stuff like “Whew! Now that’s love.”
II gave birth to my best friend and personal cheerleader.
Reagan is the physical manifestation of God’s love for me. I thought I wanted a mini ME, but I was blessed with something much better; a beautiful, brilliant baby girl who will remind me of who I am when I’m feeling my lowest and celebrate me the loudest when I’m feeling my best.
Most weeks you can find us sitting at our kitchen counter sampling the latest Crumbl cookie box or laughing and snorting uncontrollably at all the TikTok videos she’s saved for me throughout the day. Rumor has it, I’ve even been known to shake a little something on her TikTok account from time to time. (Don’t worry, everyone knows I only drop it like it’s lukewarm! Ha!)

Welcome to The Kingdom X-Changes – Where Divine Purpose Meets Earthly Fulfillment.

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